Hi everyone,

Welcome to the Booby Trap – our second blog of 2016! So we got over January and now we are in the middle of February – where did the last few weeks go! Time is going so fast. February is a very busy month for us at Belle Femme Lingerie as we are currently buying all of our Autumn/Winter stock. We are always a season ahead of what we sell in store and this is my favourite buying time because many of the lingerie companies combine colours and styles very uniquely for Autumn/Winter. What else should we know about in the land of lingerie in February? Well, basically ladies it is the time to buy your Spring/Summer lingerie and swimwear wardrobe as what’s hot, is in the shop.

So firstly we need to spring-clean our lingerie drawer and make some room for the new bright florals and pastel shades of the Spring / Summer styles but the most important piece to be thinking about in February is swimwear. I know we might only wear it a few times a year but when you wear it you want to feel fabulous! And nothing will inspire confidence like gorgeous, perfectly-fitting, supportive swimwear. Believe me your bikini or swimsuit will be the best investment you will make this season. It is your priceless possession.

We need to feel good in our swimwear both at home or aboard and when you match the suit with a beach bag, flip flops and some really nice lipstick or lip balm, the look is complete. Come on ladies we are all guilty of just saying “It will do” when it comes to swimwear but since the over-indulgent festive season, many of us have lost those extra pounds and now let’s show off the new shape in some stunning new beach wear.

Panache caters for almost all of the popular swimwear styles and they fit really well. I would safely say swimwear is one product that needs to be bought in a specialised boutique as the sizes are so different. We stock tankinis, swim-suits, and bikinis and of course the matching sarong or kaftan dress. The new Summer stock is sizzling hot! So take the trip and get fitted for your swim before you talk yourself back out of it. The perfect swimsuit will have you feeling confident and beautiful and ready for some Summer fun! Get shopping in our boutique on Kieran Street in Kilkenny or online at www.bellefemmelingerie.ie

Bridget x

A small example of the swimwear that’s available in store….

Belle Femme Lingerie Swimwear Belle Femme Lingerie Swimwear Belle Femme Lingerie Swimwear