Please note that we are experiencing a high volume of emails and out-staff for the moment, thus, it will take 5-6 days to receive a call from us to arrange the appointment for virtual fittings.

Belle Femme has been providing virtual fittings forever, but never have they been as important as they are today. 

Covid-19 has changed the way we work and these changes could last longer than the virus. So we are highlighting a service which we have offered for years – Virtual Bra Fittings

Many people have already availed of this service for various personal reasons but in recent times more of you have been requesting our advice on bra fittings from the comfort of your own homes, as you can’t come to the store during the Covid-19 restrictions, as our doors are closed. However we are open for business both for fittings and purchases online. 

Of course your privacy is of utmost importance to us. Therefore your details will be kept in confidence while we are working on your order following which, all images will be deleted from files.

So how does it work?

Send us a picture of yourself in your bra. Please omit your face and only include the bra front and back if possible.We don’t need full body images for this service – only the bra image. Send it to us by email to and we will analyse and choose the best size and style for you. Please also give your name address and phone number. We will call you for your consultation prior to sending you the product. When you receive the bra – you can try it on and let us know how it fits! If it is not right – you can send it back to us in the pre-paid envelope enclosed with the product but we promise we will ensure you get the perfect bra for you.

You might ask how we do this – but remember we have been measuring ladies without the use of a measuring tape for 10 years now and we know – almost instantly – what size you need on first inspection. We pride ourselves on our keen eye and our knowledge of brands and fit, which assists in providing you with the perfect bra for your shape and size. 

That is it! It is a very simple process – you will receive your bra in the mail and you will have the opportunity to try it on in your own home. If for any reason you are not happy with the product or size – you can return it to us in the pre-aid envelope provided. 

This service is a very personal service originally designed to help those who were not able to travel to the store. Today this service is being used by all of our customers seeking a fitting or new lingerie for the summer season ahead. And we have some beautiful spring/summer styles in stock.

So why not try it out! Take the pictures and send them on to . We promise to get back to you with a suggestion and a product to try within a few days.

If you are not happy with the product – we will happily take it back. 

Stay safe during these challenging times but feel great in your new lingerie!

Happy Shopping!