Welcome to our Bridal Blog – the first of the wedding season! This is the busiest time of year for so many summer brides and we are busy in the shop fitting and finding solutions for our beautiful brides-to-be.

So the list is out and we are getting married!!! Now let’s be honest – is your bridal lingerie even on your list of priorities yet? I can safely say that bridal lingerie is not something we think about 90% of the time. But if you are getting married anytime soon – you should! You might not see it, but it is something that will make the dress (that you have spent months fitting and choosing) sit perfectly on your shape and therefore it is of huge importance.

The worst thing to see at a wedding is a bride pulling at a bra strap or ill-fitting underwear. There really is no excuse for falling straps or even worse, droopy cups as there are several solutions to alleviate these problems for every style of dress available.

And of course none of these embarrassing problems will occur once you are fitted properly for your bra or shapewear and you have a good dress maker that can also work with your dress.

My advice for all you brides for 2016 is to get the dress of your dreams as there is always a solution for your bridal lingerie – even if you have that fuller cup. There are many options available to ensure the dress sits perfectly on your body and most of the time a good dress maker understands that sometimes we need to move a strap or maybe add a little lace in order to make your dream dress fit like a glove for your special day.

The most popular dress at the moment has to be the backless dress, which can cause problems for those of us with a fuller cup. But this is an issue we deal with every day in Belle Femme and we have many options to suit each individual body shape and dress style. When coming for your lingerie fitting I would ask brides to bring a photo of the dress – back and front – and even better if the picture is of you in the dress instead of a picture from the website of the dress company.

Also remember the bridal party is equally important (almost!) so don’t forget to bring along the bridesmaids and the mother of the groom and bride who will also be on show that day and remember what I said on our first Blog, a picture never lies! So ladies – a simple tip – if you are a fuller cup and someone tells you not to wear a bra, pop on the dress and take a picture and make sure you are happy with what you see. Remember – your breasts are not the show piece of the day!

Every bride thinks that underneath the bridal dress should be sexy and gorgeous. False! I think I could count on one hand how many brides can get away with a nice bridal bra and brief set for her big day. Nearly every bride needs shapewear and again we have different styles for different demands and styles of dresses. Shapewear has come a long way and there are numerous fabrics and shapes available offering brides comfort and peace of mind on their wedding day.

But remember you are getting married so don’t forget that nice chemise and nightgown for your wedding night or that matching set for when you abscond on your honeymoon with your new husband. Every bride should get something special in the line of lingerie for their wedding even if it is not for under the wedding dress. If you don’t buy it now you will never buy it, so go on, set aside a lingerie shopping day because once you feel good on the inside everything on the outside looks better!

Happy Bridal Shopping,
Bridget x