Welcome to this month’s edition of The Booby Trap!
We are right in the middle of the summer season now and with the longest day of the year fast approaching, it’s now or never for bra fitting for summer! Don’t leave it until the last minute as some glorious Sunday morning you could be caught out with a summer top and an ill-fitting bra. And of course in my world – there is nothing worse!!
So if you haven’t already had your summer bra-fitting, come in to the store and get fitted! Remember you should be fitted regularly for a bra, particularly if you have lost or gained weight and this time of year we see many ladies who have made a great effort to shed a few pounds for the summer season and when they come in, their old bras are swimming on them! You might notice your bra getting too small, but many people don’t notice when it becomes too big and of course this is as bad as too small as you are getting no support from a baggy, saggy-cupped bra! This leads to drooping, which none of us ladies like the sound of and it can also be painful in certain situations if your breasts are not properly supported. A good gauge is to remember to get fitted for every half stone you lose.
The summer stock is simply divine this year with bold colours, sexy styles and fabulous fabrics. And because this is the time of year that I begin looking towards the Autumn collection, there is excellent value on summer selected items in store and on our online shop – check it out!
Speaking of next season, It’s nearly time for my favourite part of my job – the S/S buying trip! There is nothing more exciting than heading off to have a sneak preview of what’s hot for the S/S ’17 and if the rumour mill is anything to go by, I know already I am simply going to love the new styles.
As soon as I have stock in store for autumn, you will be the first to know!
For now our biggest sellers are our amazing swimwear lines. As mentioned before, there is something for everyone so if you think you are not bikini ready this summer – please pop into the store and I guarantee that I will find the perfect swimwear solution for you. We currently have a fabulous selection of bikinis with matching sarongs  Tankinis that offer 100% dignity by the pool and swim suits with plunging cleavage and great coverage in fabulous styles. You will not be disappointed by the summer wear this season and as I always say – don’t scrimp on swimwear – it will be the most worn item of your wardrobe if you intend to travel overseas this summer and laze by the pool with a cocktail or amble along the edge of the beach – flip-flops in hand!
Finally if you are heading away for the hols, don’t forget your summer lingerie! There are lovely colours for under string tops and breathable fabrics for those long hot days in the sun. Have a great summer and I will catch up with all my readers again next month.
Bridget x