Happy New Year to everyone from Belle Femme Lingerie and I hope you all enjoyed the Christmas session.

So with the New Year well and truly started lots of us will be making our New Years resolutions and I will be recommending the best sports bra to keep us all from bouncing around the place. For me 2016 will be extra special. I am due my second baby in early March, so I don’t have long now and I will be talking about maternity lingerie in this blog as well.

Have you started the diet? who are you following in Operation Transformation, have you promised yourself this year is the year. So if it is and your walking, running or even crawling you will need a really supportive and good sports bra. I highly recommend the Panache sports bra. I wear it all the time and it completely supports you when doing all the activities that you want to do. Lots of ladies who had lost their confidence in running cause they didn’t feel comfortable have gone back running once I fitted them into this sports bra.

So what makes the sports bra the best out there. When we exercise, so do our breasts. This repetitive bouncing can stress, stretch and irreversibly damage the copper’s ligaments – the connective tissue that holds and maintains the shape of the breast. Damage here can cause the breast to sag and droop. So by properly supporting your breasts during exercise, the award winning panache sports bra has 83% less bounce which dramatically reduces movement in all directions. Keeping your breast in great shape. Ray D’arcy got volunteers and tested this sports bra live on air and it came out the highest and best sports bra for support.


Maternity Nightwear / Lingerie

Pregnancy comes with its own challenges and every woman’s body is different. One thing we all have in common is that all of our bodies are experiencing rapid changes both physically and hormonally. We need to invest in some good maternity bras and underwear that not only flatter but feel comfortable too. I have learnt especially on my second pregnancy how quickly your shape changes and how important it is to go with it and wear the comfortable underwear, yes even if it looks like the big Bridget Jones briefs.

Our breast can change from 3-4 cup sizes during pregnancy. Every 8-9 weeks we should be re fitted for a new bra or you might not need one at that time but it is very important to come out of wire 3 months before the baby is born if you intend to feed for you don’t want a small bra that has wire in it to sit on your milk ducts and effect the flow of milk to breast.

Invest in a very good sleep bra, this is the only maternity bra that you can wear in bed at night and it keeps us fuller cupped ladies in place. I for one will have this packed in my hospital bag before anything else.

I find good maternity nightwear is really good and comfortable and we have a wide range in the boutique.

Happy January everyone xx