I hope you enjoyed my first blog following the launch of the new website and with Christmas fast approaching in this, my second blog, I will be talking about something we all need for the party session – “A lady’s best friend – Shape Wear”. I am also going to convince you ladies to buy that matching bra and brief set this Christmas while offering some advice for men who would like to buy lingerie for their partners.

VPL – Visible Panty Line – There is NO excuse for this anymore. We simply should not have this going on with dresses or trousers, as it is awful to see in any outfit and should be avoided at all costs. Shape wear is the answer to this wardrobe mal-function.

Some people love shape wear so much they don’t get out of bed without it! And maybe that’s not a bad thing. Shape wear can make you feel more confident in your clothes and in your body and that is really very important
I stock Spanx in the boutique and for me this is the best brand out there. They are easy to wear and you won’t be taking them off half way through the night I promise! But in order to be comfortable you need to let us fit you so we can get you the perfect size and ensure your comfort.

If you plan to buy shape wear ahead of the party session, let me show you what will tackle any of your problem areas in comfort and style. This piece gets 5 stars:

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Open Bust Spanx Slip or Body Suit

This is the best shape wear out there and we love it so much. It is most useful to have in your wardrobe for any dress and is also available with legs for trousers.
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Higher Power Brief

This would be the second most important piece in the wardrobe. Underwear needs to go right up to your bra line to avoid your bra cutting off across your back. All shapewear should sit under your bra, for that streamlined look.
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Shape wear is not particularly attractive but it really works. Everyone thinks shape wear is a real ‘Bridget Jones’ look, but did you know that even Eva Longoria has been photographed wearing Spanx on the red carpets, so if it is good enough for her it is good enough for us!

Matching Lingerie

Matching bra and briefs is a statement that can turn heads but also cause a very interesting (but friendly!) row. So the question is – Matching or not matching? Does it matter?
I for one think it does matter. Do men care about matching sets? Some do – some don’t but one thing is for sure – they probably prefer matching lingerie to old fashioned, big briefs on their partners! I always say matching lingerie gives an inner confidence. Some people will say they don’t feel properly dressed if their underwear doesn’t match, but for most, it’s about how it makes you feel – the confidence that comes with knowing that you are wearing gorgeous matching lingerie. So ladies give him a list or treat yourself because if you can’t treat yourself at Christmas when can you?! Here’s hoping that you will find that lovely lingerie gift box under the tree on Christmas morning.

*Tip from the Booby Trap

It can be a very big deal for a man to come into a lingerie boutique and choose a special set for his partner – so whether or not his choice is something you would have chosen for yourself, accept the gift gracefully as it can be a big deal for him to take on the task of buying you lingerie. It might not be what you would buy yourself, but remember, it’s a gift and it should be different!

Tips for men on buying lingerie

Buying lingerie for someone is difficult, so this is my advice to men in 5 simple steps:
1. Check the drawer for her bra size and even cut the label off.
2. Try and buy something like a fashion piece with colour or a design – it is a gift and so something glamorous is nice.
3. Even if you know her dress size, we also have gorgeous chemises (nightwear) which is a beautiful gift and less dependent on the exact size.
4. Don’t be nervous we don’t bite and we will help you choose the perfect gift.
5. Finally, if you don’t know her size and you want to purchase her something nice in the line of lingerie, a voucher can do the trick – let her choose herself and you can’t go wrong.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and I hope you get fabulous lingerie gifts this year – pass this blog to your loved one to offer some inspiration!
Bridget x