1. How often should we change our bras?

How long they last does depend on how often we wash them, how we care for them and how often that bra is worn. On average we should be measured for a new bra every 5-6 months as our bodies can change and the elasticity can wear on a bra.

2. How do we care for our lingerie?

The bra will last longest if you hand wash it and let it drip dry. All bra’s should be washed in a non-biological detergent or why not have your own bottle of SOAK which is rinse free, environmentally- friendly formulation now available to buy on our on-line store today. Never put a bra into the dryer.

3. How much underwear do we really need?

Underwear can not only make or break an outfit, the right pieces will also do wonders for your style from the inside, by boosting your confidence and comfort levels. Make sure your underwear wardrobe covers every inch of your style concept. We all need the standard black, white and nude but we also should include that fashion piece and matching brief. Every underwear drawer should have some colour and matching sets. It will make you feel good.

4. Is there such a thing as comfortable shapewear?

Shapewear has come a long way from the granny girdle and the cramped corsets. The ladies of Downton would choke on their tea if they could see the secret scaffolding that’s now on offer. Good comfortable shapewear often doesn’t come cheap. I think the only shapewear to have in the wardrobe is SPANX. In my professional opinion, it is the best on the market and ticks every box BUT the most important piece of information is you have to be fitted as every body shape and size is different. Check out our online shop for what’s available in shapewear.

5. Is it normal to have different size breasts?

Actually, it is! Approximately 60% of women have one breast that’s larger than the other. When you are being fitted – always fit for the larger breast.

6. Can I use my everyday bra for running and doing exercise?

No! It is imperative that you wear a sports bra while you exercise, especially for high impact sport such as running. An everyday bra can reduce bounce by up to 38%, a sports bra can reduce by up to 83%. Click here to see our sports bra range

7. Do we stock bridal lingerie?

Yes! We are a leading stockist of bridal underwear and no dress is too complicated for Belle Femme Lingerie! We make every effort to keep a large selection of strapless bras, backless bras, briefs and shapewear in stock at all times. If you are calling to the shop please have a photo of the back and front of your dress as this can help us make the right decision for you. Click here to check out our Bridal collection.

8. What sizes do you carry?

We carry a wide variety of bra sizes in A – K cups, and 28 – 44 band sizes

9. Do I need to make an appointment for a bra fitting?

Absolutely not! You can call into us at the boutique during our regular business hours and we would be only too happy to help and ultimately find you the perfect fitting bra.

10. What is your price range?

At Belle Femme Lingerie we ensure the product range we bring to our customers offers both quality and affordability. Our lingerie ranges in price from €30.00 upwards. A good bra is like a good pair of shoes – it’s an investment.

11. Is everything that Belle Femme Lingerie sells offered on the website?

We offer a select offering online, therefore in order to access our full collection, we recommend a visit to our boutique on Kieran St. in Kilkenny city.

12. Opening hours

Monday – Saturday 10.00am – 6.00pm
We close on Sundays and Bank holiday Mondays.

13. How do I know I am wearing the wrong bra?

1. If you have that 4 breast effect.
2. Your straps keep falling down.
3. The band of the bra rides up your back
4. Your neck or back hurts.
5. You have spillover over the top, sides and bottom of the cups
6. When you raise your hands into the air and the bra moves.

14. Should a new bra be tight when you wear it for the first few days?

YES! For the first 4-5 days it should nearly feel too tight, but this is normal as you are holding the weight of the breast on your back, so by giving it at least 4-5 hand-washes within the first week it will soften the bra and shape it to the shape of your body. A new bra is like a new pair of shoes – it needs a few days to settle and to be worn in.

15. Do adhesive bras really work?

Backless, strapless bras basically stick to the skin with mild adhesive. It will stay on fairly well but remember they are only an accessory. If you are anything above a DD cup we recommend sewing the cups of the bra into the dress. More information on this is available in store.

16. Do we fit nursing and maternity bras?

Yes we stock nursing bras and night wear. Maternity bras help support the delicate tissue of your breasts. You will start to notice that your breasts will need extra support from around 12-15 weeks into your pregnancy and even sooner sometimes. During pregnancy your body is under-going dramatic changes and it is crucial to be re-measured every six to eight weeks. Your bra size can change up to 3-4 times during pregnancy. Click here to see our extensive maternity and nursing range.