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This month, we are going to talk about “Caring for our lingerie”. There are several golden rules when it comes to caring for and ensuring the full lifespan of your lingerie, we go through them below, so we hope you find them useful. Trust us- your lingerie will thank you!

Tip 1 # Hand Wash Only

Make sure you wash your bras after every 2 or 3 wears, not after every single wear, Use Lukewarm water and a mild detergent to wash with and rinse with cold water. Hot water wears out the fabric and elasticity especially in the waistband.

Hand washing your lingerie protects the delicate stitching and allows it to last longer. Follow the steps below for beautiful lingerie that stays beautiful.

  • Step One: Leave your lingerie in the sink with a teaspoon full of Soak (Available in Belle Femme Lingerie Shop and Online www.bellefemmelingerie.ie )
  • Step Two: Allow lingerie to soak for 15 minutes.
  • Step Three: Use the non-hooked part of your underband to scrub any areas that need extra attention. Step Four: Take out the lingerie and drip dry.
Tip 2# Wash with Similar Colours

Keep all similar colours together. If you want to keep your lingerie looking beautiful, separate dark from light colours.

Tip 3# Use Colour Safe and Delicate Detergent

It is important that you use the right detergent for lingerie. Use the detergent that is soft on your skin, your lingerie and of course, your environment too.

Tip 4# Turn Lingerie Inside Out & Hook Bra together

Make sure to turn your lingerie inside out and hook your bra when washing as the hook can get caught and damage our lingerie. By hooking them, you can protect from ruining other delicates as well as preventing the straps and rear parts from twisting.

Tip 5# Gentle Press on Your Lingerie or Hang dry in the Shade

No twisting or squashing especially the padded part of your lingerie. You should place the back of your palm, slightly curved, against the inside lining of the pad and gently apply pressure with your other hand from the opposite side to squeeze water out. The best way to dry your bra is to hang and drip dry in the shade. Strictly No Dryer or Iron.

Tip 6# Proper Storage

After following all the tips above, you don’t want to miss this last step. It is important to give your lingerie, especially bras, space in your lingerie drawer: lay them against each other to retain shape. Folding them in half changes the bras shape overtime especially the padded and moulded bras.

Tip 7# Rotate Your Bra

We suggest you wear your bras in rotation so that you are not over stretching the elastic and support systems. You should never wear a bra more than one-two days in a row. After it has been worn, it needs time to spring back into place. If you rotate your bras and care for them properly you will get the full benefit from your bra as well as ensuring the full lifespan of it.

Please remember that the life span of a bra is still 6 months!!!!

We hope this blog will help in caring for your lingerie going forward.

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