Hi Everyone,

Welcome to the Booby Trap It’s that time of year when we are finally allowing ourselves to give into the spring-summer fashions screaming at us from the rails in the shops – although the weather isn’t permitting us to wear flimsy fabrics and sunny prints just yet! However, if you want to have some fun with prints and florals, which are all in for the upcoming summer season, you need to purchase early or you will miss out!

And the same can be said for your gorgeous summer lingerie wardrobe… Don’t leave it until the last minute to get fitted for your summer look, get fitted now so that you are summer ready as soon as the rays break through the clouds!

We have a stunning range of gorgeous summer lingerie in stock at present with everything you would expect for a trendy but supportive summer wardrobe. And of course it is all about the colour and all about the prints. These days there is a colour and a style to suit everyone’s taste and we have a vast array on offer on our online store but of course if you want to experience the full monty – you’d be advised to come into the shop on Kieran Street in Kilkenny where we have everything you could wish for!

So why get fitted? This time of year is THE most important time of year to get fitted (after your wedding fitting!) because it is the season to be less covered up. This means that you are wearing lighter clothes, lighter fabrics, lighter colours – all leading to the possibility of visible lingerie. Now in a former life, it was not PC to have lingerie on show, but we are living in a much more liberal and open society where it is very acceptable to have a colourful bra strap on show or the top of a funky patterned brief! This is all very acceptable once the lingerie is not grey, stretched elastic that has seen better days! In fact a colourful printed bra strap can be a lovely addition to a colourful string top or summer dress.

And there is nothing worse than saggy breasts under summer linens or cottons – there is no excuse for sagginess in this day and age – the answer is to ‘get fitted’! Your breasts need to be supported more than ever in the summer months as there is nothing worse than a double-boob look or an overflowing back-strap. Get fitted for at least one everyday bra and one beautiful fashion piece for the summer so that your summer clothes sit perfectly on your shape.

Of course swimwear and beachwear is of the essence this time of year too and Belle Femme Lingerie has a host of new lines, colours, patterns and styles on offer in store. Next month’s Booby Trap will feature our latest swimwear collection and top tips for the perfect fitting bikini, swim suit and sarongs etc. We have an array of swimwear solutions to suit every body shape and size so come in and get fitted for summer!

Finally, I have been out of the shop recently as I have just had a new baby boy. James was born at the end of March and we are delighted to have a little brother for our daughter Evelyn. I will be back in action in coming weeks and the team in the store are fitting our clients as usual to our consistent high standards. I look forward to seeing you all over coming weeks for your next fitting. Until then, happy shopping!

Bridget x

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